The METROPOL cinema is located in a 1773 vintage barnhouse in the heart of Kusterdingen town. Behind an unassuming barn door there is a hidden gem to be discovered, painstakingly rebuilt and maintained by a small club of movie enthusiasts.

02 EingangOffen

 But it's more than just a cinema, it works just fine for acoustic music in an intimate, up close and personal setting:

 MG 9110Hammer

Here, the screen was used for projection during the performance (hence, by the way, the somewhat funny complexion of my wife, the bass player :-) Usually we hang a black backdrop for music performances.

And this is what a full house looks like (as seen from the stage):

IMG 6784

Now this is what an empty stage looks like, as seen from the last row (taken with a strong wide angle lens):

Kinosaal WS

Also, there is a nice lobby with a bar where drinks and snacks are available before the show and during the break:

IMG 6786