We have a document available for you that states the precise conditions. We think these need not necessarily discussed in public. Please request said document by dropping us a few lines at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Let's just state a few points here:

  • You are not dealing with a for-profit promoter or agency, you are dealing with fellow musicians who take no cut from the proceeds, and understand the requirements of a touring band
  • It's a small, very intimate venue that enables (and actually requires) you to be working up close and personal with your audience
  • An acoustic upright bass (3/4) size is available. Please note that because Birgit is a master ceramist she gets her hands wet for longer periods of time and therefore doesn't have a chance to grow calluses on her left hand fingertips. Therefore, her bass is equipped with Presto Jazzicato strings. These are steel core, nylon wound strings (black), and they are difficult (though not impossible) to bow. Fine for pizzicato.
  • A Phil Jones Briefcase Bass Combo (http://philjonesbass.com/store/bass/pjps-briefcase-bass-combo/) is also available; alternatively, a DI box can be used for the bass.
  • We usually put two Ear Trumpet Labs microphones (Louise and Myrtle) up. This is plenty enough for the small room. Guitars are usually not plugged in. A few acts have even chosen to play without any sound reinforcement at all. As soon as a banjo is involved, I wouldn't recommend it though :-) Voices tend to get drowned out....
  • Lots of other gear, too - when in doubt, just ask